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General Tab

In this tab you can select your post type, taxonomies and terms/categories. Also you can select multiple taxonomies from there.

Query Options

  1. Custom Post Type:- You can select your post type or custom post type here (Default: Posts).
  2. Taxonomy:- You can select your taxonomies here. List of all custom taxonomies will be there if you select any custom post type. Taxonomies are sortable with drag & drop (Default: Category).
  3. Terms:- You can select terms/categories here that you want to use for your filter. You will see list of all terms/categories according to taxonomies that you selected in previous step. By click on ALL button you can select all terms/categories. By click on Setting icon you can set icon for each term/category.
  4. Taxonomy Relation:- There are two options OR & AND. For example you have multiple choice filter and there are two categories category1 and category2, With OR if user selects both categories (category1 & category2), it will show posts from both categories means category1 or category2. With AND if user selects both categories (category1 & category2), in this condition posts must have both categories means posts with category1 and category2.
  5. Default Term:- You can select default term/category. It means when user will open page then that term/category will be selected by default.

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