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Overwrite Post Layout

Note :- Want to overwrite any layout and maintain changes after plugin update?

If you want to modify any post layout according to your needs. You want to use new content, custom fields etc in your new layout.

In PRO version , you can overwrite our any post layout in your active theme’s folder.

Steps To Follow

  1. Know the structure of PRO plugin. You can check all post layout files are in (category-ajax-filter->includes->layouts->post->post-layout*.php)
  2. You just need to copy the specific layout from this folder.
  3. You just need to create new directory in your active theme’s folder.
  4. Directory structure should be as category-ajax-filter => layouts => post =>post-layout*.php
  5. So you just need to paste that layout file in this folder.
  6. After placing the file there, you can modify the file with your own code.
  7. You can overwrite its related CSS file too. Folder Structure : category-ajax-filter => css => post =>post-layout*.css
  8. You can follow the same procedure to overwrite filter layouts. To overwrite filter layouts , Your Theme Folder’s structure should be as : category-ajax-filter => layouts => filter =>post-layout*.php

You can Download full theme folder here.

Important:- Please keep in mind , same layout should be selected from CAF control panel to use at frontend.
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