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Create First Filter

After successful activation of PRO plugin, it’s time to create your first filter with all PRO features. You can create your first category filter within few clicks.

  1. Into your WordPress Admin panel and browse Category Filter.
  2. Click on Add New.
  3. Give it a Suitable Title.
  4. In “General Tab”. Select your specific Post Type (Default:- Posts). In “ Taxonomy ” select taxonomies and related terms that will show in filter on the frontend.
  5. In “Layouts Tab” you need to select layouts for filter and blog posts. In “Filter Layout” you can select layout for filter and in “Post Layout” you can select layout for blog posts. You can check preview of the layouts on our official site (link). In this tab you can set color combination for filter and blog posts according to your site.
  6. In “Shortcode Tab” copy shortcode and place it where you want to show your category filter.

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